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Kunimochi Sakamoto (Professor)
e-mail : kuni(at)
Invariant manifold theory and its application, Singular limit analysis of interface motions and transition layers.
Hiraku Nishimori (Professor)
e-mail : nishimor(at)
Statistical physics of nonequilibrium and spatially extended systems. Study for the formation, evolution and decay of various kinds of spatial and temporal structures. Research for the group motion of self-driven elements, e.g., social insects and robots etc.
Ryo Kobayashi (Professor)
e-mail : ryo(at)
Mathematical research of pattern formation, motion and information processing of living systems, Modeling of interfacial motion of crystalline materials
Isamu Ohnishi (Associate Professor)
e-mail : isamu_o(at)
Ecological study for mutualistic symbiosis of Nostoc and feather moss in boreal forest in area between South Alaska and North California or Scandinavian Peninsula
Makoto Iima (Associate Professor)
e-mail : makoto(at)
Fluid mechanics, analysis of global flow structure, flying and swimming.
Haruyuki Irie (Associate Professor)
e-mail : irie(at)
Macro-pattern in ecological systems, Transport phenomena in plasmas
Akinori Awazu (Associate Professor) HP
e-mail : awa(at)
Biophysics and system biology of intra- and inter-biomolecular networks and cells.
S. Seirin Lee (Associate Professor) HP
e-mail : seirin(at)
Mathematical Biology
Masashi Shiraishi (Assistant Professor) HP
e-mail : m-shiraishi(at)
Non-equilibrium statistical physics, Nonliner dynamics, Dynamics of Collective behaviors and individual behaviors in swarms






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