The 8th Taiwan-Japan Joint Workshop

Date: March 9 (Thu.) - 12 (Sun.), 2017
Place: Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall KURARA
   (7-19 Saijo Sakaemachi, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Japan)

This bilateral workshop is intended to facilitate exchange of ideas between young researchers in applied mathematics and relevant fields. Presentation is obligatory for graduate students. We also welcome presentations by postdoctoral researchers and undergraduate students.


March 9 (Thursday)
16:20-17:50 Invited Lectures (joint event with the 5IS MCD)
18:30-20:30 Banquet at Mitate Shrine

March 10 (Friday)
09:50-10:00 Opening
10:00-12:20 Presentations (Master course)
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-18:15 Presentations (Master course & Undergraduate)
18:15-18:30 Introduction of undergraduate students

March 11 (Saturday)
09:50-10:00 Announcements
10:00-12:10 Presentations (Undergraduate, Postdocs, & Doctor course)
12:10-13:20 Lunch
13:20-17:00 Presentations (Doctor course)
19:00-21:00 Awards ceremony

March 12 (Sunday)
09:30-18:00 Discussion (Details will be announced later)


FROM Taiwan:
National Center for Theoretical Sciences (國家理論科學中心) and
National Chiao Tung University (國立交通大學)
 Lai, Ming-Chih (賴明治)
Fu Jen Catholic University (輔仁大學)
 Chang, Mao-Sheng (張茂盛)
National Central University (國立中央大學)
 Chern, Jann-Long (陳建隆)
National Cheng Kung University (國立成功大學)
 Fang, Yung-fu (方永富)
National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學)
 Liu, Fon-Che (劉豐哲)
 Chen, Chiun-Chuan (陳俊全)
 Hsia, Chun-Hsiung (夏俊雄)
National Tsing Hua University (國立清華大學)
 Tsai, Dong-Ho (蔡東和)
Tamkang University (淡江大學)
 Chen, Yan-Yu (陳彥宇)

FROM Japan:
Meiji University (明治大学)
 Mimura, Masayasu (三村 昌泰)
 Ninomiya, Hirokazu (二宮 広和)
 Ikeda, Kota (池田 幸太)
 Miyaji, Tomoyuki (宮路 智行)
 Ikura, Yumihiko (井倉 弓彦)
Ryukoku University (龍谷大学)
 Yotsutani, Shoji (四ツ谷 晶二)
 Yamagishi, Yoshikazu (山岸 義和)
Shimane University (島根大学)
 Iwamoto, Mayuko (岩本 真裕子)
Hiroshima University (広島大学)
 Tate, Shin-ichi (楯 真一)
 Togashi, Yuichi (冨樫 祐一)
 Sugawara, Takeshi (菅原 武志)
 Shinkai, Soya (新海 創也)
 Nakagawa, Masaki (中川 正基)
 Namba, Toshinori (難波 利典)

Research Center for the Mathematics on Chromatin Live Dynamics (RcMcD), Hiroshima University
Mail: rcmcd[at] *Please substitute [at] with @.

This workshop is supported by the Platform Project for Supporting in Drug Discovery and Life Science Research (Platform for Dynamic Approaches to Living System) from Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED); Meiji University, MIMS; and Hiroshima University. Special thanks to Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau, Hiroshima City, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Mitate Shrine, Kamoizumi Shuzou Co., LTD, and Soraoto for their support for the social events.