2014.11.14: Report(Lee,Horikoshi)

2014.11.07: Report(Ochiai,Sugawara)

2014.10.31: Report(Kajiki,Tochio)

2014.10.24: Report(Takami,Togashi)

2014.10.17: The 12th Invited Lecture(SAITO, N. Kumamoto Univ.)

2014.10.15: Seminar for Mathematical and Life Sciences(Togashi)

2014.10.09-10: Workshop「Theory and Experiment」2014

2014.10.03: Report(Sugawara,Tochio)

2014.09.19: The 11th Invited Lecture(SHINOHARA, A. Osaka Univ.)

2014.09.17-18: The 4th URA-SYMPOSIUM, The 6th RA-SYMPOSIUM(Isobe, Hata)

2014.09.12: Report(Ochiai,Sugawara)

2014.06.27: Report(Takami,Horikoshi,Uewaki)

2014.06.20: Report(Sugawara,Kajiki)

2014.06.13: The 10th Invited Lecture (UMEHARA, T. RIKEN)

2014.06.06: The 9th Invited Lecture (HORIKOSHI,M. The Univ. Of Tokyo)

2014.05.30: Report(Ochiai,Tochio)

2014.05.23: Report(Togashi,Shinkai)

2014.05.16: The 12th Journal Club(Horikoshi, Kajiki)

2014.05.12:Weekly Meeting

2014.05.09: The 8th Invited Lecture(MATUOKA, H. SAITO, M. Tokyo Univ. of Agric.& Technol.)

2014.05.02: The 11th Journal Club(Ochiai, Sugawara)

2014.04.25: The 10th Journal Club(Tochio, Uewaki)

2014.04.18: The 9th Journal Club(Togashi, Shinkai)

2014.04.07: Report(Kajiki, Takami)

2014.02.27 - 03.01: "The 5th Taiwan-Japan Joint Workshop for Young Scholar in Applied Mathematics"(@National Tsing Hua Univ. Taiwan)

2014.02.12: 2014 Student Research Report

2014.02.07: The 4th RCMCD-Study Meeting(Dr. Holger Flechsig)

2014.01.31: The 3th RCMCD-Study Meeting(Ueno, Ochiai)

2014.01.20-22:「Mathematics of Bio-Dynamics and its Application」(The Univ. Of Tokyo)

2014.01.17: Report(Lee, Sugawara, Ochiai, Tochio)

2014.01.15: Seminar for Mathematical and Life Sciences(Togashi)

2014.01.10: Report(Awazu, Togashi, Shinkai, Horikoshi, Uewaki)

2013.12.25: The 7th Invited Lecture(SASAI, M. Nagoya Univ. )

2013.12.13: The 6th Invited Lecture(HARA, Y. EMBL Merten group)

2013.12.06: The 8th Journal Club(Ochiai)

2013.11.29: The 5th Invited Lecture(TAKAMI, H. Konkuk Univ. Korea)

2013.11.28: Molecular Biology science seminar(IZAWA, D. Cambridge Univ. Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute)

2013.11.26: Lunch time seminar(TATE, S.)

2013.11.20: Seminar for Mathematical and Life Sciences(Tochio)

2013.11.15: The 4th Invited Lecture(Prof. Danny, Hsu )

2013.11.13: Seminar for Mathematical and Life Sciences(Ochiai)

2013.11.08: The 7th Journal Club(Horikoshi, Sugawara)

2013.11.01: The 6th Journal Club(Tochio, Shinkai)

2013.10.23: Seminar for Mathematical and Life Sciences(Shinkai)

2013.10.18: Report(Ochiai)

2013.10.11: Workshop「Theory and Experiment」2013

2013.10.08: Joint mini-symposium with the "Initiative for High-Dimensional Data-Driven Science through Deepening of Sparse Modeling"

2013.10.04: The 2th RCMCD-Study Meeting(SAKAMOTO, A. )

2013.10.04: Report(Lee, Tochio)

2013.09.20: Report(Shinkai, Sugawara)

2013.08.26-27: Joint Camp with Department of Mathematical and Life Sciences, @Ohkunoshima

2013.08.02: 2013 Interim Report・Party

2013.07.26: The 3th Invited Lecture(SAKURAI, T. Tottori Univ.)

2013.07.19: The 5th Journal Club(Lee)

2013.07.17: Lecture『General Introduction to Computation and Applied Mathematics』(Sugawara)

2013.07.12: The 2th Invited Lecture (SAKAUE, T. Kyusyu Univ. )

2013.07.05: The 4th Journal Club(Ochiai)

2013.06.28: The 1th Invited Lecture(IKURA, T. Kyoto Univ.)

2013.06.07: The 3th Journal Club(Shinkai)

2013.05.24: The 2th Journal Club(Tochio)

2013.05.10: The 1th Journal Club(Sugawara)

2013.04.11: Party with RcMcD new members